About Hiller Hockey

About the Hiller Hockey Program


The Hiller Hockey program started in 1996  when interested families in Hopkinton requested that the high school  establish an ice hockey program. It took a few years and lots of support  from parents and players. Jack Marconey and led a group who organized  themselves as the Friends of Hiller Hockey (FOHH). Eric Carty, a coach  from those days, still coaches in the program today! Hiller Hockey has  grown to include a budgeted varsity and junior varsity team, as well as a  team for middle school players.  
The need for Friends of Hiller Hockey  remains, not only to supplement the funds provided by the school, but  also to support the teams by organizing activities outside of the  regular practices and games. It's an all volunteer organization and all  monies come from donations from families and local supportive business  who sponsor the game programs. 

What FOHH Funds and Supports


  • Provides salary stipends for assistant coaches
  • Produces the game program
  • Funds extra ice time
  • Provides practice jerseys
  • Offers Hiller Hockey apparel for sale to players and families
  • Middle School night
  • Presents the Pioneer Award to a player each year  
  • Runs the Alumni game
  • Helps fulfill other equipment needs
  • Holds a senior night
  • Organizes the captains' practices
  • Funds JV scrimmages

FOHH Board of Directors



 Paul Kirk


Vice President

 Steve Bailey


 John Quinlan  


 Kelley DePaolo   


Scott Norred 


Michelle Crowe

Tammy Gilbert

Shelly Jerrett

Bernie Mitchell

Lauren Morse

Rebecca Walsh

David Weinstock